Our glass forming kilns are configured as flat bed bases with a hood type heating unit. All elements are A1 grade and capable of firing to 1250°C. The firing process utilises a multi-step, multi-programme controller complete with ramp and hold phases.


Our main components of the kiln forming equipment packaging

Kiln Base:Refractory brick filled steel frame to accommodate the mould material and glass. Normally, two are used so that one can be prepared while the other is in the process of heat treatment.
Kiln Hood:Fibre insulated steel structure, which holds all heating elements, spy and vent holes and control unit (if not installed on transfer frame).
Transfer Frame:Steel frame set on caster wheels. It contains all lifting gear enabling the hood to be lifted and transferred between bases.
Control Unit:Controls heating and cooling process via a fully pre-programmed controller and relevant switchgear.


The kiln is fabricated from square tubing, which has a very high strength to weight ratio. Base and transfer frame are coated with a tough two pack epoxy resin industrial grade paint. Colour is harbour blue, if not specified otherwise.

The hood is powder coated for a finish which provides cover right into every small gap. Final cladding of the hood is done with stainless steel cladding panels.

The elements are made from Kanthal A1 wire, which is rated to 1300EC. Therefore, they are not expected to be replaced during the life of the kiln unit

Transportable sizes

The sizes can range up to 6000mm long and 2400mm wide, with larger sizes technically possible, however they are not considered practical.

The most popular size is 3000mm x 1600mm. This length allows floor to ceiling panels to be produced for most applications, while the width is kept just within the external dimension limits with which the kiln unit could easily fit into a standard shipping container.


Our world..

Wilbartec Kilns have been sold in Australia and throughout the world market.

Some of our customers are:

  • Ozone Glass; Sydney / Australia
  • Popi Glass; Shanghai / China
  • Ozone Glass; Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia
  • Spectrum Glass; Sydney / Australia
  • Uroglass; USA
  • Creations in Glass; Wollongong / Australia
  • Fusion Glass Designs; UK
  • Solar Seal; USA
  • Moondani Glass Design, Sydney / Australia
  • One Glass Design, UAE

Other really interesting details..

Wilbartec Kilns are often bought by companies already in the glass related industry. These companies have a desire to diversify and enter into the field of kiln formed architectural glass. An introductory course for producing kiln formed glass products can be arranged in conjunction with a purchase of kiln equipment. The course will be conducted through a related company with extensive experience in this field.

Distributor of Bentrup controllers

Distributor of Kittec Kilns